Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 13, 2019 – IBIS Rice was named the Best New Sustainable Product in the 11th European edition of The Sustainable Food Summit.

The Sustainable Food Summit is an international series of summits that brings together some of the most influential organizations involved in sustainability and eco-labels in the food industry.  For each series, the summit focuses on the disruptive influence of new technologies on food production and marketing while giving recognition to operators from around the world that are helping to build a more sustainable food future. This edition focused on developments in food ingredients, new technologies and green packaging with keynote speakers comprised of industry leaders and sustainable food champions such as businesswoman and vegan advocate Heather Mills.

With entries received from 6 continents, a jury comprised of a natural beverage firm, multinational food company, packaging materials supplier and research agency selected the winners and runner ups for the categories of New Sustainable Product, Sustainable Ingredient, Sustainable Packaging, Sustainability Pioneer and Sustainability Leadership.

Selected as the winner in the category of The New Sustainable Product Award, the summit recognized IBIS Rice for its conservation model and contribution to sustainable agriculture.

“It is fantastic to be recognized as a leader in sustainable food, I really think this is a movement and it has been fascinating to see how innovation is changing the way our food impacts the environment,” said Nicholas Spencer, CEO of IBIS Rice. “I think IBIS rice is really special because it is not about just reducing harm but delivering positive impacts on both livelihoods and conservation through premium products that make for an incredible consumer experience .”

A full list of the Award Categories and Nominees can be found at

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