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Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Full-Time | Competitive Salary Based on Experience & Qualifications

About the Position

IBIS Rice is entering an exciting period of expansion with our products being sold in Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong and most recently the United Kingdom. As such, we are seeking a highly creative and enthusiastic individual to support the company in planning, producing, and managing marketing content that will engage new audiences in Cambodia and the ASEAN region to its products, conservation model and impact.

You will be working closely with IBIS Rice’s Marketing Manager to develop and implement the company’s regional marketing strategy, ensuring all marketing efforts serve to achieve immediate and long-term business goals. In collaboration with the Marketing Manager, you will be producing media content that engages current and new audiences to the IBIS Rice brand, products, conservation mission and impact. You will also be responsible for the cohesive representation of the company on its marketing platforms, ensuring compliance with IBIS Rice’s branding guidelines.


Strategy Development & Planning

  • Collaborate with the Marketing Manager to develop a local marketing strategy that can achieve IBIS Rice’s business goals.
  • Collaborate with the Market Manager to design campaigns for new products and special promotions.
  • Assist the Marketing Manager in creating quarterly marketing calendars.
  • Develop a social media calendar and schedule posts to ensure customers are informed of IBIS Rice products, promotions, the latest news, and impact on a regular basis.

Content Creation

  • Assist in developing social media marketing content (ex: recipe videos, product photography, farmer interviews) that can grow our followers, finding creative ways to increase engagement with current and new audiences.
  • Update IBIS Rice’s content library by organizing and executing photo/video shoots of IBIS Rice products and field activities.
  • Coordinate with the company’s Sales Team to produce marketing materials (ex: brochures, flyers, banners) for sales activities.
  • Support the planning and execution of local trade shows, farmer’s market, pop-up events, using creative tactics to engage customers to sample and purchase IBIS Rice products.

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Assist the Marketing Manager to develop quarterly reports on marketing strategy progress, using social media and web analytics to measure and analyze the performance of marketing efforts. 

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