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IBIS Rice is an ethically-driven conservation enterprise working with Cambodian farmers to protect a precious and vulnerable ecosystem while growing premium organic jasmine rice. Through our initiative, hundreds of affiliated farmers are now the guardians of 500,000 hectares of remote national park and more than 60 threatened and endangered species in an area traditionally plied by loggers and poachers.

Taking from the Earth doesn’t have to mean depleting it; for us it means the opposite. We pay a premium for the pure, long grain jasmine rice coming from our protected area, and have established a range of products at the top of the Cambodian market. Since we began our work, the critically endangered Giant Ibis, Cambodia’s national bird, has made a comeback. Now, IBIS Rice is available around the world. If you cant find it, ask why. Because, the more rice we sell, the more farmers we can empower to choose the most sustainable way for us all to use the land.

We work with local farmers

“I am Keng Ran, 65 years old. I have been joining the Ibis Rice Wildlife Friendly Project for 5 years now. By joining this project, they require me to follow three principles, no hunting, no chemical fertilizer in the field, and farming only in the allowed areas. I really like working with this project, since it is not only improving my livelihood but also help to protect wildlife here. IBIS Rice pays a very good price for my paddy and helps me through the improving our seed and techniques. I also get income by guiding visitors to see the Giant Ibis and other birds in this village. I had joined the community training outreach twice already to promote and encourage the other villagers about this project.”

Our customers

“IBIS Rice is grown here in Cambodia, we are proud of that. It is regarded as the top rice in the world. It is light, fluffy, the feedback that you get from your guests is outstanding. It is really a top quality product.”

Joel Wilkinson – Executive Chef, Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh

©2019 IBIS Rice Conservation Co., Ltd.

©2019 IBIS Rice Conservation Co., Ltd.

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